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What Is the SBA 504 Loan Application Process?

The SBA 504 loan application process is actually relatively simple. Before applying, however, borrowers should make sure that they meet the eligibility requirements for 504 loans. Other steps include finding a CDC as well as choosing the lender that will contribute the other part of your loan proceeds.

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What Is the SBA 504 Maximum Loan Amount?

The SBA 504 maximum loan amount is currently set at $5 million in lifetime dollars. However, if your business is a small manufacturer, you can borrow up to $5.5 million in lifetime dollars. It should also be noted that if you decide to embark on energy-related projects that fall under the “go green” heading, you can borrow substantially more. While all projects are capped at $5 million, you can ultimately borrow up to $16.5 million in lifetime dollars.

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What Are the Alternatives to the SBA 504 Loan?

The SBA 504 loan is an incredible way to finance the purchase of owner-occupied commercial real estate, heavy equipment, and other fixed assets, but it isn’t right for everyone. While the interest rates are low, 504 loans usually require high credit scores and strong financials. Fortunately, the SBA 504 loan isn’t the only option out there when it comes to funding your business.

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