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SBA 504 Loans for Funeral Homes

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, the demand for a wide range of businesses increases, including funeral homes. The industry has grown by a full 1% in the past three years, and is expected to generate a staggering $16 billion in 2018. This means that it could be a great time to grow your funeral home or cremation business.

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SBA 504 Loans for Private Schools

Public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars, but that is not the case with private schools. However, more and more parents are interested in the better education these facilities can offer their children. With an expected $68 billion in revenue for 2018, private schools have grown almost 1% in the last three years and employ almost 750,000 people nationwide.

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SBA 504 Loans for Preschools and Daycare Centers

Child care is a huge industry in the US. It has become increasingly difficult for a single parent to earn enough to support an entire family, so more children are being placed in day care centers, or being enrolled in preschools when they come of age. Day care centers alone generated $53 billion in revenue in 2018, making this area prime for entrepreneurial expansion.

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