SBA 504 Loans for Dental Labs

Can Dental Labs Benefit from SBA 504 Loans?

While many dentists offices have incorporated work traditionally handled by dental labs, that does not mean the demand for laboratories has wanted. In fact, it is higher than ever, with employment expected to rise to almost 51,000 individuals by the end of 2018.

For those interested in starting a new dental lab, or expanding their current laboratory, an SBA 504 loan can be the ideal tool. These loans are designed to help business owners secure the most crucial elements to their success – real estate, facilities, and equipment.

You can purchase land, develop and improve it, build the lab and support system necessary, and even purchase the equipment you need, such as computer-aided design machines to produce crowns, dentures, partials, and more. You can also pay for additional costs, such as office equipment and furnishings, and soft costs associated with your project.

If you want to reduce your facility’s impact on the environment, SBA 504 loans can help, too. In fact, you can borrow a significant amount more with go-green projects than with standard business projects.

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