SBA 504 Loans for Private Schools

SBA 504 Loans Boost Education through Private Schools

Public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars, but that is not the case with private schools. However, more and more parents are interested in the better education these facilities can offer their children. With an expected $68 billion in revenue for 2018, private schools have grown almost 1% in the last three years and employ almost 750,000 people nationwide.

Constructing a new school can be incredibly costly, but SBA 504 loans can offset those costs. These loans offer up to $5 million in funding for small businesses, and those funds can be used to purchase real estate, develop the land, construct buildings, and buy equipment needed. This makes it possible to use a 504 loan to purchase the land, construct school buildings, and invest in improvements, such as recreation areas, sports facilities, parking lots, and more.

SBA 504 loans can also be combined with other funding options, including SBA 7(a) loans, and conventional small business loans.

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