SBA 504 Loans for Veterinary Practices

Veterinary Practices and SBA 504 Loans: A Great Fit

With 4.6% growth since 2013 and predicted revenue of $43 billion in 2018, the veterinary services sector is quite robust. So, whether your business is focused on treating beloved household pets or making sure livestock stays healthy, it’s an excellent time to be in the industry. And, whether you’re looking to grow your current veterinary practice or build a new office, an SBA 504 loan could help finance your plans for expansion.

How SBA 504 Loans Can Help Veterinary Practices Thrive

SBA 504 loans offer up to $5 million for qualifying small businesses, and can be used to for a number of things. You can purchase real estate, as well as design and build your practice to meet your specific needs. Or, you could purchase an existing building and make improvements. You can also use those funds to purchase equipment that you need, including x-ray machines, pet kennels, or even specialized surgical equipment.

The Benefits and Limitations of SBA 504 Loans for Veterinary Practices

SBA 504 loans have a variety of benefits for borrowers, including some of the lowest interest rates available (rates are currently around 5%). 504 loans also have relatively straightforward eligibility requirements— in most cases, your business simply needs to be in an approved industry and not be more than a certain size. Of course, you must also have a very good credit score in order to qualify.

While the upsides of 504 loans are many, they still have one major restriction: they cannot be used for working capital. However, there are other a variety of loan choices available that allow for working capital financing, both from the SBA and from conventional lenders.

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