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Can I Use an SBA 504 Loan to Invest in Real Estate?

In contrast to other business loans, including other SBA loans, the SBA 504 loan program is specifically geared to help small businesses purchase real estate of all types. This could be an existing building, or it could be empty land and funds for construction of the property. This focus naturally makes you wonder if it is possible to use a 504 loan to invest in real estate. The short answer here is that, no, it is not possible. However, there are certain exceptions that you should know about.

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Can You Use an SBA 504 Loan to Finance Business Vehicle Purchases?

While most business loans can be used for anything your company might need, that’s not the case with the SBA 504 loan. It is strictly to be used for real estate-related needs, or for the purchase of heavy equipment. That eliminates the purchase of vehicles, even if you intend to purchase fleet vehicles for your business. There are some exceptions to this rule, but only when the vehicles being purchased qualify as heavy equipment.

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