What Is the SBA 504 Maximum Loan Amount?

SBA 504 Loan Limits: What You Need to Know

The SBA 504 maximum loan amount is currently set at $5 million in lifetime dollars. However, if your business is a small manufacturer, you can borrow up to $5.5 million in lifetime dollars. It should also be noted that if you decide to embark on energy-related projects that fall under the “go green” heading, you can borrow substantially more. While all projects are capped at $5 million, you can ultimately borrow up to $16.5 million in lifetime dollars.

Note that the SBA does not limit the amount you can borrow from a conventional lender. Banks and other lenders are free to contribute as much as you qualify to borrow. However, the SBA/CDC’s contribution is limited to the aforementioned amounts. In most situations, this comes to 40% of the loan’s value (up to the contribution cap that applies to your situation).

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